"Natural birth protects baby's consciousness and helps retain the divinity of the newborn. The universe celebrates the conscious newborn."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Soul Needs and Sacred Birthing Insights

The softest first bath ever welcomes baby to the world.

Soul-Needs of a Baby

Sacred Birthingイナバ DUP7-147-B3 SW/OW (DUP7-147-B3), Birthing A New Humanity★送料無料★コンビ)ネセルターンリミテッドISOFIX (ネイビー)【0〜4歳】【回転式】【ISOFIX対応】【チャイルドシート】【カーシート】【メーカー保証1年】【チラシ】,

2nd Edition【7/30(日)10:00〜8/2(水)9:59 エントリーでポイント29倍】イニシャルリング ダイヤモンド ネームリング ピンクゴールドライン ペアリング K18 K14 シルバー925 刻印無料 , 2017着抜1色プリント(1ロット360枚) RTK376.

Baby’s soul is a conscious creator & participant in conception and birth.

Baby’s soul chooses the highest life scenario, and asks mother and father to rise to this octave to create a SoftBirth.

The moment of birth determines a lifetime. By honoring nature’s timing of labor, we protect the timing chosen by this soul.

A high vibration at birth retains baby’s alignment of body and soul.

The clearest blueprint offers baby coherence for life.


Sacred Birthing Insights for Parents

Baby chooses the highest life scenario, and asks mother and father to rise     to this octave to create a ‘SoftBirth.’

Aligning with the Divine transforms parents’ and baby’s lives.

Love at conception, pregnancy and birth uphold baby’s highest harmonic.

By consciously creating their Field of Birth, mother and father are refined for baby’s highest consciousness and best birth.

“First, do no harm.”

Beliefs of fear cause childbirth pain. Attending to cellular beliefs allows the  uterine muscle to receive the birthing energy unhindered.

Mother-love protects baby’s body, emotional wellbeing and soul-needs by offering natural childbirth without medication.

Bonding is the parents’ opportunity to offer emotional safety and preserve baby’s self-love.

Protecting the umbilical cord claims baby’s stem cells and maintains her energy field and immune system.

Sacred Birthing【ドッグバス】幅1000×奥行600×高さ900 シンクの深さ380mm bg無【ステンレス 受注生産品 オリジナルデザイン 業務用】, Birthing A New Humanity【リフォーム認定商品】【畳】【畳新調?畳替え】【畳交換】 4.5帖 清流02 黄金色◆縁無し半畳 色褪せにくく丈夫で長持ち!畳ならダイケンの「健やかおもて」【RCP】,

2nd EditionGarage(ガラージ) OSフレームラック 幅1265×奥行400×高さ1824mm GA-OS-1218T5, 2017エスピーアイ SPI ワインディングマシーン レザータイプ 4連 SP43014LBR ブラウン.

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モダン仏壇・ロエル 20号【仏壇】【モダン仏壇】【ミニ仏壇】【小型仏壇】扉の2段のツートンカラーがおしゃれでリビングに置くのに最適なスタイリッシュ仏壇です