"The baby's soul is a conscious creator and participant in conception and birth."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Workshops and Seminars

Following is a list of workshops and seminars currently offered by Sunni. Future dates of workshops and seminars will be announced here. Contact us to invite Sunni to your area.

Heal Your Own Birth

What were the circumstances of your birth? This workshop is a profound understanding of your own birth. By gently unlocking your birth, you realign with your Essence, instead of your trauma. The trauma of your birth relaxes its hold, supporting you to be more of who you are.
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Birthing Your Radiant Baby, A Parents' 'Birthshop’

Birth is magnificent but because of the high drama births so common today, we have lost sight of its magnificence. Understanding the principles of what it takes to uplift your birth right now during pregnancy, shifts a scared birth to a sacred birth. Together as parents, you make all the difference in the world to your baby’s birth.
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