"Birth is the essence of evolution. The gift of a sacred birth fosters peace in our babies, our self, our community and our sacred planet."
Sacred Birthing Insight


Welcome to a spiritual perspective on childbirth.

Sacred Birthing is truly for one purpose: to birth a baby in a way that can best preserve the essence of divinity that accompanies each new being.

Birth can be seen in its wholeness only when a spiritual perspective is included. By realigning birth with consciousness, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a newborn remain in sync.

Babies conceived in love, need birthing practices that reflect that love, practices that protect the integrity of a newborn. The babies asking to be born now are radiant light bearers who call for a harmless paradigm of birth.

Taking delicate care at birth protects the innate radiance of each baby. It is a baby’s soul choice to be born consciously, and also our reception of them that determines whether or not baby’s full radiance is able to incarnate. Aligning with the Great Mysteries of conception, pregnancy & birth protects the whole being of the baby and retains the vast consciousness of the newborn.

Pursuing the highest for our unborn and newly born babies is a goal for all humanity. When we awaken to how imperative birth is to our evolution, we will birth all babies softly. (Sacred Birthing, 2003)

Here are the books that I’ve written and want to share with you and the world:

Sacred Birthing – Birthing a New Humanity

Sacred Birthing, Birthing A New Humanity book is my journey as a midwife and how I was shown that there was more to birthing babies than just that tiny beautiful baby.  Click on the cover below to read more about it.

Conceiving Souls of Magnificence

Souls of Magnificence are born as perfected souls. They demand trustworthiness, honesty and patience. Click on the picture below to find out more about the book:

Pearls of Sacred Birthing

“Pearls” is an introduction to all of Sacred Birthing. These are the gems that take you on your journey to your baby’s ‘Softbirth.’

Book covers