"Love creates a high vibration at birth to support the synchronization of body and soul. This synchronization orders the body's energy field to enable Divine rapport within and offer a life of coherence."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Video: What is Sacred Birthing?

Sacred Birthing is like… a sacred place in Nature: wonderful, still, quite, beautiful, pristine, nothing that’s hurt or violated.

Sacred Birth is not religious birth… it is unharmed, un-violated, pristine, the way it needs to be, it always was and has been; not bothered, not interferes with or interrupted; it flows in its own progression. It has everything to do with what mother needs.

Sacred Birthing is when mother can do exactly what she needs to do, when she have only people there who she lives and who love her…
…more on the video

I’ve put all the gifts that I received from the Source, during my soft birthing experiences next to mamas and babies, in my Sacred Birthing – Birthing a New Humanity book.

Wishing all the mamas and babies out there a soft, Sacred Birth! <3

One thought on “Video: What is Sacred Birthing?”

  1. Holding space for sacredbirthing … yes

    I was fortunate to birth at a birthing center in 1997 and 2003 and had midwives that supported me and my babies

    The c section stats in my community are outrageously high at 46%

    My passion is to bring this concept of sacred birthing and soft birth to my community and beyond

    I’m providing space for pregnant mamas and those wanting to be mamas to come together and share yoga and meditation & massage

    Thank you. I’m such a fan of your work and book


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