"Aligning with the Divine before conception is the highest alliance."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Video: What is Sacred Birthing?

Sacred Birthing is like… a sacred place in Nature: wonderful, still, quite, beautiful, pristine, nothing that’s hurt or violated.

Sacred Birth is not religious birth… it is unharmed, un-violated, pristine, the way it needs to be, it always was and has been; not bothered, not interferes with or interrupted; it flows in its own progression. It has everything to do with what mother needs.

Sacred Birthing is when mother can do exactly what she needs to do, when she have only people there who she lives and who love her…
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I’ve put all the gifts that I received from the Source, during my soft birthing experiences next to mamas and babies, in my Sacred Birthing – Birthing a New Humanity book.

Wishing all the mamas and babies out there a soft, Sacred Birth! <3

Nancy Lucina interview with Sunni Karll for “Reawakening Ancient Feminine Wisdom” Summit

If you’re a mom-to-be, new mother, birth worker or planning on becoming a mom one day, you may wanna listen to the “Reawakening Ancient Feminine Wisdom” Summit that Nancy Lucina prepared for all of us. This summit is a series of conscious conversations about pregnancy, birth and motherhood with women who believe in the sacredness of the feminine.
In this free interview summit, Nancy is talking with midwives, doulas, women’s coaches and postpartum specialists about conscious conception, natural and sacred birth preparation, motherhood as a rite of passage, how to process and work with fears of labor and motherhood, herbs, flower essences & nutrition to support your process, the holistic stages of birth, postpartum rituals & ceremonies, intuitive parenting and much more.
Grateful to partake in Nancy’s Summit… here is our conversation.
Grab a cup of tea and join us in this! 🙂
Love to all <3
You can also watch our interview on YouTube:


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