"The patterns baby carried into conception, and the experience from conception through birth creates a blueprint that the child will recapitulate during life and be called to heal."
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Making Love to Source

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One of the biggest losses is that by growing up without the sexual wisdom of our elders, we don’t remember the whole picture. We don’t know the possibility of traveling to Source with a beloved. Having never heard stories of flights of sacred lovemaking, we think that we should be content with a little hump-de-dump, yet we come up feeling empty and wonder why. Because we have lost the immense power of these ancestral stories, there is nothing for us to aim for… What if we understood that a certain quality of lovemaking could fulfill us for 3 months? What if we knew it could take us to Source?

The Mother gave me the directive to write a book on sacred lovemaking. “What fun!” I thought, “what a gift!”, and then I realized the vastness of the task.

How does one explore the sacred core of lovemaking? Is it held in the past or the future? Is it based in religion or Nature? In the body, or the spirit realms? Instead, I found that the Mother’s purpose for this book was/is to elicit our own memories of the sacred. It became an amazing process. To research and write this book, I went to certain bookstores, and section by section, row by row, was guided to buy certain books. I opened to the table of contents, went to that chapter and was shown a quotation. I was told where to place it. This is how the book took shape. I might not have trusted the story had the process been different, but because the Mother chose the quotations, and not me, I am awed at what was revealed.

This book is for women, to open as nature intends. To eliminate what hinders the body and constricts the heart, we must revalue ourselves in order to stand in our wholeness. When in our wholeness, we then lead our partner into most meaningful lovemaking, where it recovers its intended potency. After all, in higher dimensions, making love to Source is what making love is all about.

This is the journey that every woman takes, in one lifetime or another. Consider this book to be your personal Past Life Therapy sessions. Since this ancient story is the same for all of us, read it slowly and heal. The Mother’s purpose is to elicit our own memories of the sacred. Listen to your body. Drink in what feels right, to fill in your own missing pieces. Reclaim the majesty of who you are as you journey with me.

Sunni Karll, Author

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Testimonials from Readers

“Loved this one! 🙏🌈 Deeply appreciating Sunni‘s work. All of her books deeply resonate with me and are holding such an immense wisdom. She inspiried me a lot to become a birthkeeper for this beautiful souls to come. Thank you, Sunni. “
Making Love to Source(K.K., Facebook comment, May 2021)

” Wow. All I can say is it’s a completely life altering book. I was blown away. A must read. 🙏🏻 “

Making Love to Source(Amazon customer, July 2019)

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