"Mother lovingly and courageously follows the lead of her baby's soul into conception and labor. Her innate ability to give birth is within every cell and she trusts her inner strength to guide her way."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Mentorship with Sunni

For Heal Your Own Birth Trauma workshop, please go here.

If you are interested in working 1-to-1 with Sunni, below are a few options.

Mentoring for Pregnant Couples

Everyone needs mentoring for pregnancy and childbirth since there are so few ways in life to learn about authentic birth. Just the right word or understanding, said at the right time, allows both parents to relax a worry and move on. I offer to mentor you to choose the highest birth you can, whether it’s a home birth or an unattended birth. Preparation is everything. As you prepare yourself, you will find clarity and empowerment to choose what is best for your baby. Use this time well.

  • Why intend a sacred birth? Watch your answers mature each month.
  • How flexible is your relationship? Why does this matter?
  • Hear from awesome fathers about their journey, as men and fathers.
  • Learn to trust the unseen beings who support pregnancy and birth. Together, we will do your first Sacred Guardian Session.
  • What is your primary emotion since being pregnant? This shows you your Inner Work and the steps to your empowerment and self-esteem.
  • Deepening questions for both parents to ponder and then answer together.
  • How do we hold each other through birth when one of you goes into labor?
  • Included are 2 Private Couple Sessions on Zoom.
    • One at the beginning to get to know each other;
    • Another at 37+ weeks, to align for birth.
  • Group sessions every 3 weeks share the riches of the group’s questions & experiences.

Please join as early in pregnancy as possible, so the principles of Sacred Birthing will be firmly rooted in your being, not just in your head.

$432 for your whole pregnancy, right into labor. All group and private sessions included for couples on Zoom, meeting every 3 weeks, for 90 minutes. If you feel this is not a comfortable and fair exchange for you, please email me with what is.

Payments are made in advance, through PayPal (email sunnikarll@sacredbirthing.com) or other international arrangements.

Moving Past the Trauma of a Previous Birth

When a previous birth was upsetting, traumatic, or did not happen as we wished, we hold this discord in the muscles of our body, our heart, and our womb. We know this by how it cycles through our thoughts again and again, never coming to rest. Baby also holds this trauma and tells us about it by way of upset behavior, being grumpy, crying, not gaining weight, not nursing easily or sleeping deeply, not holding eye contact. Both mom and baby are asking to resolve what hurts, so they can heal and not carry it through life. This includes Healing from Baby Loss.

This session is for both mom and infant/toddler. When one heals, the other heals too.

The exchange for this is $100 per session. A session is as long as it takes. Please allow ~ 90 minutes for a session. Payments are made in advance, through PayPal (email sunnikarll@sacredbirthing.com) or other international arrangements.

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