"The baby's soul is a conscious creator and participant in conception and birth."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Mentorship with Sunni

If you are interested working directly with Sunni, 1-on-1, here are a few options.

Mentoring for Pre-Conception

Conception today has a great deal of angst around it. “Can we? Can’t we? When will it happen? What are the best things to do? When?” If you learn well and feel inspired by reading, I invite you to read by book, Conceiving Souls of Magnificence. If you learn better with real personal interaction, I offer to mentor you throughout this special time. There is nothing more precious to your baby than your love, a loving conception and a soft birth.

The first session is to get to know you. Then a session for both parents every 3 months, as needed.

  • Questions to ponder, for both parents;
  • Strengthening Your Relationship: why is this important to conception?
  • Your first Sacred Guardian Session teaches you to work with the unseen beings who support your Pre Conceptive experience, and your Conception.
  • What to do spiritually? What’s most important physically?
  • Both parents’ Inner Work – why bother?
  • Answer all your concerns in these private sessions.

$100 per session of about 1hr, for an individual session, or, $250. for your entire preconception time.

Mentoring for Pregnant Couples

Everyone needs mentoring for pregnancy and childbirth since we forgot and there are so few ways to learn about authentic birth as we go about our life. Just the right word or reason, said at the right time, allows both parents to understand, relax a worry and move on. I offer to mentor you to choose the highest birth you can, whether it is a home birth, a hospital birth or an unattended birth. Preparation is everything. As you prepare, you will find clarity and empowerment to choose what is right for your baby.

  • Group meetings for couples in each trimester on Zoom. Each Month, at one of three days around the new moon.
  • 2 Private Couple Sessions on Zoom.
    • One at the beginning to get to know each other; and
    • Another at 37 weeks, to align for birth.
  • Q&A’s to get things off your chest.
  • Your first Sacred Guardian Session is done together so that you trust the unseen beings who support your pregnancy and birth.
  • Inner work at each trimester that leads to empowerment and self-esteem. Everybody learns from each other’s questions
  • How is your Relationship doing, and why does this matter to birth?
  • Your Doula is invited to these calls, free of charge.
  • Questions to ponder for both parents till next month. Write out your thoughts.

$50 per Zoom Group session, or $100 for a Private Session, if you sign up for one at a time. Or, $400 for your whole pregnancy, all group and private sessions included. Please join in your first or second trimesters, and the principles of Sacred Birthing will be firmly in your being, not just in your head. Don’t wait till your 3rd trimester. (It’s the same cost.)

Moving Past Birth Trauma

How can you let go of that which hurts? Especially when another birth is coming, it’s important to move beyond your own unresolved birth, in order to be clear and make way for the new baby. Talking to one who understands the physical happenings and the spiritual overview can release your heart, bring your nervous system to rest and allow you to step forward.

$100 per session. A session is as long as it takes. Please allow 90 minutes for the first one.

All our sessions will be held on Zoom or Skype. If you want to travel with me the whole journey of conceiving, pregnancy and healing your own birth trauma, a joyous exchange for this is $1000, paid in two (when we start the journey, and then 6 months later).

Payments are made in advance, through Paypal or other easy international arrangements.

If you cannot afford this, especially those in other countries, please write me anyway.

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