"Natural birth protects baby's consciousness and helps retain the divinity of the newborn. The universe celebrates the conscious newborn."
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Pearls of Sacred Birthing

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“Pearls” is an introduction to all of Sacred Birthing. These are the gems that take you on your journey to your baby’s ‘Softbirth.’ What do we need most in pregnancy? We need to dream who it is hiding in there and who they are asking to become. We need to grow our love for this teeny tiny being, and learn more of who we really are as we take care of him. We need to know that no matter what, our body knows exactly what to do to grow and birth and nurture this beloved being. We need to remember that we already know so much if we just stop, and go inside. As we let go of the medical, the warnings, the doubts, and the self-doubts, we step into trusting our self. This is the book that I wish I had received when I was first pregnant! It’s the perfect Baby Shower Gift or BlessingWay Gift, but even better, the perfect Conception Gift for your best friend. Let it inspire you to ask yourself deep questions about your baby’s birth.

From “Pearls of Sacred Birthing”:

“The babies I helped with taught me that babies are far more than just the tiny body they present visually. They taught me about the consciousness that enlivens the body. If our desire is to give birth to a radiant being, it means that the whole baby asks to be addressed. It is not enough to simply receive the baby’s physical body at birth, and not respect the feeling nature and the spiritual being. A baby’s physical body is best received into gentle soft hands, imposing nothing to make a baby cry. The emotional feeling nature of a baby is supported when a baby is received with love, trust and respect. The spiritual body of the baby has needs too, that ask to be supported. When the act of giving birth takes spiritual needs into consideration, then baby’s life is lived at a higher octave. Thus, a baby chooses a gentle birth to attain his full entitlement of light.”

“A ‘SoftBirth’ is a birth without pain or fear. SoftBirth allows babies to retain their innate radiance: the trust they are, the love they come to share, and their self-love they come to shine. SoftBirth includes the baby’s awareness, his feelings, his emotions, as well as his body. It offers protection to keep the baby as undisturbed, whole and pristine as possible.”

Sunni Karll, the author

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Testimonials from readers

“I’m so grateful for this little pearl of wisdom. I hope many people are touched by this simple guidance that is truly inspired from the Divine.”
Pearls of Sacred Birthing(Amazon customer, July 2020)

“I am an avid reader of Sunni’s books and any content that she creates.”

Pearls of Sacred Birthing(D. S., USA, January 2019)