"Compassion for the baby's experience opens our heart to lead us to sacred action."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Sacred Birthing Vision and Mission

Sacred Birthing Vision:

Sacred Birthing offers an approach to birth where a sacred energy field is anchored, allowing the vast consciousness of the whole being, to incarnate as perfectly as possible in a physical body, in order to retain the energetic excellence and the high spiritual potential of the newborn.

Ten minutes old and born softly.

Sacred Birthing recognizes the alignment of birth as the Intelligence of nature. By birthing softly, babies remain conscious, and remember that they are beings of love, never losing their conscious connection to their higher nature. Each newborn radiating this coherence transforms its family, community, nation and world.

Sacred Birthing is a body of knowledge and ‘softbirth’ practices to inspire parents and birth professionals to create a sacred soft birth.

We assist parents to reinstate birth as the perfection it already is;  to create and take responsibility for a sacred, loving and trusting conception, pregnancy and birth;  to welcome their babies as their greatest expression of who they came to be.

Sacred Birthing Mission:

Sacred Birthing  is dedicated to teaching parents and birth professionals to receive a baby in a way that retains their vast consciousness. When their coherence is fully embodied, each newborn lives its full potential and offers their gifts to humanity.

  • To educate parents to protect their baby’s consciousness by facilitating the highest vibration possible as the soul meshes with the physical body at the time of birth.
  • To receive babies who hold the coherence and wisdom necessary to lead us into a world of higher consciousness;  a world of kindness, integrity, cooperation, love & peace.
  • To publish & disseminate the Sacred Birthing body of knowledge.
  • To assist in the creation of Sacred Birthing Sanctuaries around the world.
  • To educate Professional Birth Helpers to support parents & their babies.