"Baby's birth time determines a lifetime. By honoring labor as and when it presents, we honor and protect the timing of birth chosen by this soul."
Sacred Birthing Insight

About Sunni

I doubt that I can say more than I have told you in the first chapter of Sacred Birthing, because it’s all about me!  Yet, if you haven’t read it, here’s my abbreviated blurb:

I was born in Paris of American parents, and grew up in Maryland. I had a very difficult birth which spurred me into the field of birth for my whole life. At 10, I told my mom I was going to deliver babies when I grew up.  I came in with this understanding, for I had been a midwife many many lifetimes before. As excited as I was about that, I was to do other things first, in order to come to birth from a larger perspective.  I had a son, Bryce, in ’73, and a daughter Alec, in ’76, who initiated me into the whole spectrum of birth.

I founded the Lancaster Waldorf School, in ’79, (that later moved and became the Susquehanna Waldorf School,) and taught Kindergarten for six years. This experience taught me all about the endless flow of creativity that comes from other places; it also reinforced my dream of midwifery, and gave me a overview of  children’s wounding, through a weekly practice  called the “Child Study.”

After a divorce, I became a Past Life Therapist, (’87,) and was shown that every client of mine remembered their birth experience! As unexpected as this was, to them and to me, it was even more amazing that they all told me the same thing: that these protocols of ‘normal’ birth hurt. Knowing that I was headed into the field of midwifery, my ears perked up, and I knew that I would create something that didn’t hurt a newborn baby. I specialized as a Birth Therapist when I understood how healing it was for an adult to make their birth experience conscious.

I finally became a midwife in ’92, being given the births at midwifery school that showed me wonderful ways to practice and why.

Birth Trauma became a passion of mine. The inner work it required was the same inner work that was needed by pregnant parents. After doing that, I could move forward to finally become the midwife I knew I could be.

In 1996, my birth assistant, David, and I wrote up all we had learned from our birth clients and it became Sacred Birthing Seminars that traveled the Northwest US and Canada to teach about SoftBirth for babies. As that was put to rest, it was rolled into the Sacred Birthing Insights and this book that took 7 years to write. It was published in 2003.

I founded Sacred Birthing Foundation in 2001, and gave The Sacred Vision, (2005,) a workshop for midwives and Doulas, on Maui, Hawaii. A wonderful international group of Birth Keepers gathered and later created the Guiding Circle, (Board of Directors) of Sacred Birthing.  Kauai became its home because of a call from the whales, and the Sacred Birthing educational center  was born: conception, pregnancy, birth classes and workshops came about: from Infant Massage, to Preconception classes, to Heal Your Own Birth weekend workshops, to Parent’s Birth Classes and Sacred Birthing Community Doula Training, and a Birth Symposium. It was a vital inspiring time with many aligned hands and hearts.

Times shift and I chose to write a dissertation on Lovemaking and Conception, my next book, and in 2015, graduated as a Doctor of Divinity.  And when that was complete, the Second Edition of Sacred Birthing, Birthing A New Humanity, received my attention and it was out, May 1, 2017.

There you have it!