"Mother lovingly and courageously follows the lead of her baby's soul into conception and labor. Her innate ability to give birth is within every cell and she trusts her inner strength to guide her way."
Sacred Birthing Insight

About Kauai

Many people feel drawn to the lush green lands and sparkling blue green waters of Kauai, Hawaii.  An ancient language speaks through the winds, through the vitality of the trees, and the sacredness of the island itself, reverberating this purity and wisdom.  People called to the Garden Island find a part of themselves newly awakened by this song and its life-force. Kauai offers a spiritual renewal that can be received in the sweet taste of a tropical fruit, the melodic ebb and flow of ocean waves dancing through your toes, or the brilliance of the moon and stars. Kauai flourishes as an example of Divine balance, abundance and innate harmony that we intuitively know we are all meant to experience on this earth.

Kauai is found in Tibetan scriptures as the home of the birth portal for the planet. This suggests that wherever a baby will be born on the planet, its soul will enter through Kauai.  Kauai is known as one of the wettest spots on Earth with its womb, Mount Waialeale, receiving about 466 inches of rain each year.  It has long been recognized as The Motherland, since her waters feed all the Hawaiian islands as well as the entire Pacific rim, through an extensive network of lava tubes.

Kauai is matrilineal in its roots; a Goddess oriented culture that honors the balance of both the masculine and the feminine energies. Hula, the sacred dance of Hawaii, embodies the culture’s most powerful expressions of the Divine Feminine and Kauai is home to the two most sacred Hula altars in Polynesia, and to many of the most sacred sites in the entire Pacific Ring.

Kauai, dwells in the peaceful Pacific as the oldest among the Hawaiian Islands, about 5.1 million years old. From outer space, the last light of each day fades on the globe at Kauai.