"Aligning with the Divine before conception is the highest alliance."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Heal Your Own Birth

We all remember our birth. Even if our birth story was never told to us, our bodies remember. Trauma continually takes us back to its cause, and as adults, when our birth trauma is activated, we go through life feeling triggered, alone, and often like a victim instead of feeling trusting of others. We can perceive our self to be unlovable, or ‘not enough’, and this shows itself both at work and at home.

When babies are hurt or scared at birth, it makes them constrict and be less of who they are. Their fear is like a ‘charge’ held inside them that creates ‘ripples’ in the emotional body. These reactive patterns are imprinted in baby, (us), and run us by their subconscious messages. To begin to resolve our birth, we make what is subconscious, conscious. As we heal, we are able to be more fully present, with fewer ‘ripples’ that sabotage. These patterns in adult life are present in our birth experience.

Our birth story is your road map to healing. By gently unlocking your birth, you realign with your Essence, instead of your trauma. The trauma of your birth relaxes its hold and supports you to be more of who you are.

This workshop is a profound understanding of birth.

The workshop is facilitated by Sunni Karll.

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