"Protecting the umbilical cord upholds the energy field and protects baby's immune system."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Heal Your Own Birth Trauma

We are sorry to let you know that the May 2022 workshop is cancelled. All those enrolled who paid will receive their money back.

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Babies are conscious. They are aware of everything that happens in the womb and at birth. They remember it all.

What was happening in your parent’s life when you were in the womb? What were the stresses of your mother and father? What happened at your birth? The difficult circumstances in a parent’s life at the time of your conception and pregnancy are held as patterns in the baby: what was done well, is at peace and holds no charge, but what was difficult, holds a charge that fires again and again through life, looking for resolution.

How can we find resolution for our patterns that hurt? Carl Jung said, “Bringing an issue out of the subconsciousness realm by making it conscious, brings holding patterns of a lifetime to resolution.” That’s why this process works. When the subconscious is seen, the heart lets go and the nervous system relaxes.

The difficulties that happen at birth give rise to the healing we need as adults. Being guided by one who understands birth, its spiritual overview, and physical and emotional trauma can allow you to step forward. I have been a Past Life / Birth Therapist since 1987.

This workshop is for anyone who was born. Especially if a new baby is coming to you know, it’s important to move beyond our own birth, in order to clear the way.

We will work in a intimate group of up to 12.

Where?  This workshop will be online on a Zoom group.

More information about your preparation and connecting on Zoom will be sent to you after registration, two days before the event.

I am looking forward for our time together! 🙂

Love & Blessings,