"Bonding is the parent's opportunity to preserve their baby's loving essence and to offer a foundation of emotional safety."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Birthing Your Radiant Baby, A Parents’ ‘Birthshop’

Birthing Your Radiant Baby

Birth is magnificent, but we have lost sight of its perfection because of the high drama births so common today. For this to be turned around, mom and dad need to empower themselves by learning all they can about birth. And, by being aligned in your decision for a SoftBirth, your baby can trust that s/he will receive it. SoftBirth allows babies to retain their innate radiance: the trust they are, the love they came to share, and their self-love they came to shine.

Since every baby is utterly conscious of every incident, word or thought at birth, birth contains the potential to make an enormous difference. This is an experiential birthshop. You will learn and practice the tools you will need to create your own Sacred Birth. With gentle handling a baby is a being of love. Self-love is who your newborn naturally is.

Tools to Trust and Take Home for Your Birth:

  • Dad/partner is vital to create the birth your baby wants.
  • Reclaim the wonder & mystery of birth to relax fear and build trust.
  • Release fear from your cellular memory to reduce pain.
  • Learn how to support the soul-needs of a baby.
  • Learn Circle Sessions to enhance both parents’ health, as well as the vitality and health of your unborn.
  • Work with the intensity of labor to build the birth energy.
  • Learn, experience and trust each of the SoftBirth tools needed to be comfortable at birth: Body K; Circle Sessions; Releasing Your Birth History; Toning for opening the cervix; and Standing strong to keep your baby’s Stem cells.


This is an extraordinary time together and welcomes everyone: pregnant parents-to-be, partners, grandparents, doulas, midwives, and those who might one day choose to become parents. Join me, to offer SoftBirth to your baby.

This workshop is facilitated by Sunni Karll.

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