"Bonding is the parent's opportunity to preserve their baby's loving essence and to offer a foundation of emotional safety."
Sacred Birthing Insight

Guardians of the Nest

A Birth Keeper: One who finds herself in the majesty of birth.

Guardians of the Nest is a birthshop for experienced Doulas, Birth Keepers who
support Sacred Birthing parents at the birth of their Magnificent Souls.
In situations of transformation, the incoming consciousness is high, and Grand
energies present when we are able to stand tall and receive them. But many of us fall asleep and the energy collapses. The birth goes astray.
In a birth of this nature, you have an opportunity to open to your core and stand
strong in the midst of celestial energy. This is a radical stance that demands that
you find inner strength to match. Your own inner revelations, in this birthshop
and before each birth, attract outer coherence, so that the baby’s quintessence
can be embodied at birth. With this and the inner devotion of the parents, the
baby’s consciousness is held supremely, meshing soul with body.

This 5+ day birthshop is created for you:

  • to discard what interrupts your energy in life and at birth;
  • to seize our own inner revelations, and help others see theirs;
  • to connect with the immensity of Mother Nature’s gifts for birth;
  • to be available to the parents of Magnificent Souls. Are you available to travel
    to these births? Do you have a passport for international travel?
  • to discover our devoted commitment to this vast consciousness being
    grounded in ourselves, so that we can then hold the space for Magnificent

The workshop invites you to a profound understanding of birth and is facilitated by Sunni Karll.

Dates of workshops and seminars are announced here.
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